European Power Systems



European Power Systems AB provides special industrial valves and fittings for use in process industry, water-supplying and in thermoenergetics, for high pressures and temperatures. Beside our domestic market the company has over 35 years experience in delivering products to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Russia .

We have a outstanding product program that consists of

industrial valves Globe Valves, Globe Lift Check Valves,

Dirt Traps, Globe Stop and Check Valves etc.

The components work with nominal pressures up to 500 bar

and working temperatures up to 660 °C.

Industrial valves-Gate Valve type nominal pressures up to

100 bar and working temperatures up to 600 °C.

Some of the standards we apply to are EN (DIN), API 602,

API 600, BS 5352, BS 1873, GOST etc.




We offer quality products approved by major classification societies.

Define you´re requirments and function you want to achive and we can help you choose the right components.

Our products are known for there indurence and superb quality. Choose type and review details.

Go through the product catalog and view detailed description of the different components we offer.

We are engaged in making you choose the right application and making you´re processes work

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